Upa Yoga

A simple yet powerful set of ten practices that activate the joints, muscles and energy system, bringing ease to the whole system.
Last Updated 12 Sep 2023

Looking for a simple yoga practice that you can incorporate into your daily lives to enjoy greater health? Upa Yoga may be what you are looking for.

Being a basic yoga practitioner since 2013 when I attended a trial session at True Yoga, my interest in yoga has been ever growing since then. 

The interest in yoga was partially cultivated by my discoid lupus condition which encourages me to have minimal sun exposure. 

As a result, I gave up many outdoor sports that I used to play with my siblings like badminton and basketball. 

I am always intrigued by how simple movements and proper breathing can have a dramatic impact on my overall well-being.  Having said that, I stopped yoga for close a year after I had a bleeding in my brain in Jan 2016.

I picked up yoga again in 2017 after I felt that my body has recovered from the life-threatening incident. 

Until recently, I was having a conversation with a good friend of mine who was sharing with me about Isha yoga. 

I visited their website and decided to attend one of their free sessions which was held at Punggol CC in Singapore in celebration of International Day of Yoga.  

It seems to be a yearly affair from what I gather. The turnout was quite big. About 30 plus people of all ages. 

The session started at 7.30 pm and concluded at about 9.20 pm. 

The Isha Upa Yoga covers a series of simple movements which can be conducted at any place and any time of the day.  There are 7 practices which can be done at any time of the day.

Before you start

Follow these guidelines to set optimal conditions for your practice and derive the most benefits from it: 

1. Dedicate at least 1 hour for this practice. 

2. Please ensure that cell phones are either in silent mode or switched off. 

3. Avoid getting up, eating, drinking, or going to the rest room in-between. 

4. Advisable not to sit for the program with a full stomach or immediately after a meal. Somewhat hungry, light stomach, or empty stomach is optimal. 

5. Please sit with your spine comfortably erect, hands uncrossed and palms open. 

The practices are very safe and simple and can be done by anyone. 


People with chronic diseases, pain, cardiovascular problems, consult a doctor before doing these practices and exercise precaution. 

Make sure to do everything slowly and gently and according to the instructions. 

If you are uncomfortable doing any particular practice, you can skip that one and do the next practice you are comfortable attempting. 

If you are feeling any pain or discomfort, stop and consult a doctor. 

The practices we will be learning here can be done by anyone aged 7 years and above.  If you wear glasses, while doing the yoga practices, please remove them and keep them aside.

The Sequence of Upa Yoga

1. Yoga For Health

Directional Movement of Arms | 3 Cycles in 4 Directions - 4 minutes

2. Yoga For Success

Neck Practices | 3 Cycles of 5 Practices - 5 minutes

3. Yoga For Wellbeing

Yoga Namaskar | 1-3 Cycles (you can slowly work towards 21 cycles) - 2-6 minutes

4. Yoga For Peace

Nadi Shuddhi | 4 minutes

5. Yoga For Joy

Nada Yoga - Yoga of Sound or Reverberation | 5 minutes

6. Yoga For Inner Exploration

Shambhavi Mudra | 3-6 minutes

7. Yoga For Love

Namaskar Process | 3-5 minutes

Final Thoughts

Being an avid yoga practitioner, I find this form of yoga very doable for beginners who do not have experience in yoga.

I find it very important to focus on your breathing and use it to guide your movement to get the most benefit out of this practice.

Be patient with yourself and do it at your own pace. Most importantly, tune in to your body and listen to it at all times.
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