Energy Bagua

Leverage on the power of nature to balance the energies in your body to promote better health.

Last Updated: 29 May 2023

Have you ever seen people walking around trees and wondered what were they doing?

This was my first impression when I took a walk early in the morning at 5+am at Bishan Park in a bid to recover from my health predicament in early July 2022.

Coincidentally, a few days later, my mum told me that the people were practicing Energy Bagua after she read about it in the papers.

She kept telling me that it was a very good exercise which has helped many people to improve their health and recover from incurable conditions like Parkinson’s.

I was sceptical initially as I don’t believe that such a simple act of walking in circles around a tree could treat diseases.

However, I decided to research more about it as I was looking for a natural solution to boost the recovery of my health condition.

I watched a few videos on Youtube and found out that the practice was taught by Grandmaster Jinbohdi who learnt the art from Grandmaster Ren.

He actually simplified the practice for common folks like us to be able to grasp and reap its benefits.

Upon reading more about it on the website, and listening to the testimonials of people who overcame untreatable conditions like Parkinson’s through regular practice of Energy Bagua, I felt there’s hope for my situation as well.

Therefore, I decided to take a step further to get some proper felt guidance on how to do it right.

Although there are videos from Grandmaster Jinbodhi demonstrating how the practice can be done in a very detailed fashion, I felt it’s still better to have teachers to correct my movements while I am learning.

What is Energy Bagua?

A brief introduction to Energy Bagua by Grandmaster Jinbodhi

It is a simple yet effective wellness method which is easy to learn.

Once we begin walking, our health will start to improve.

The practice deploys the concept of yin and yang. 

Regular practice replenishes and balances the vital energy in your body to promote well-being since a lot of illnesses are associated with a lack of vital energy.

It’s important to persist with the practice as it will take at least 100 days of consistent practice to reap its benefits.

How is it done?

The practice is broken down into 3 key phases.

1. Warm up with Energy Bagua Aerobics

This will prepare your body for the actual practice.

2. Start of practice

You will walk in circles around the tree for 12 cycles.

Each cycle lasts for 5 minutes and you will change direction.

There are 3 hand strokes

1. Yin-Yang Palms

You always start the practice with Yin-Yang Palms

2. Double-Yang (Shuang-Yang) Palms

This is carried out at the start of the second cycle after you turn.

You will typically do for 1 circle before changing it to Dragon Palms.

3. Dragon (Qing-Long) Palms

This is carried out after walking around the tree once.

3. Closing meditation

This is important for helping your body absorb energy and should not be skipped.

The duration of the entire practice is about 1 hour and 40 minutes.

Where can I learn Energy Bagua?

So I went ahead to find out whether I can learn the practice in Singapore.

Upon searching on the website,, I found out there are 2 locations where I can learn this practice:

Singapore Bodhi Meditation Center

Tel: +65-6299-1262   

Email: [email protected]   

Address: 896 Dunearn Road #02-02/03 Singapore 589472

Opening Hours: 8.30 am – 9.30 pm (daily)

The name of the program is Energy Bagua Elementary Class.

You have to go down physically to the centre in order to register for the program.

It costed me $200 when I registered for the class on 11 July 2022.

My program was held from 25 July to 31 July 2022.

It was 7 days straight in the evening from 7 pm – 9.30 pm.

There have morning and afternoon time slots as well.

You can refer to this webpage, for the available classes.

Be sure to register early as they are offering the classes for free now in view of the pandemic situation which has affected the income of many individuals.

I am very grateful to Grandmaster JinBohdi for having a passionate heart to serve people.

How to prepare for the class?

It is advisable to not have a heavy meal before the class.

You can eat until you are 70% full.

Bring a water bottle.

Wear loose clothing that you are comfortable in.

Bring along a jacket as it may get a bit cold.

My experience after attending the class

The teachers are very well trained and able to provide very clear instructions to help me get accustomed to the practice.

They were very patient and understanding of my current health condition and provided me with suggestions on how I can benefit more from the practice.

I also invested in the Energy Bagua book to learn more about the practice. You will receive a certificate of completion at the end of the 7 days class.

What to expect after completing the elementary class?

You will be assigned to a location that is nearest to your home to continue the practice.

Each location will have a few teachers that will continue to guide you on your practice.

It is recommended for you to continue the practice daily for 108 days to start reaping the benefits of this practice. It is not something that happens overnight so don’t expect a miracle.

What participants are saying?

Better quality of sleep and less pain in their body are some common benefits derived from the 7 days class.

I actually experienced lesser lower back discomfort after attending a few days of the class. Everyone is different so you should give a shot.


I have shortlisted some commonly asked questions that are not related to the movements in the practice from the book, Energy Bagua. You can refer to them below.

  • If I practiced yesterday but didn’t have time to practice today, when I practice tomorrow, should I stretch out my right arm and leg first, or the left arm and leg first?

We don’t count the days according to the calendar but according to our own practice days. If during our first practice session we stretch out the left arm and leg, then at our second practice session (no matter how many days have passed in the meantime), we begin with stretching out the right arm and leg.

  • Should I start to practice Energy Bagua by walking a straight line first?

It is recommended to establish the habit of walking in circles from the beginning unless you experience dizziness or have unsteady steps which requires practising walking in a straight line to correct.

After a period of diligent practice, you will find your feet and legs becoming stronger and your steps quick and steady.

Improved metabolism, constitution and life energy are other health benefits.

  • What is the reason for walking around a tree to practice Energy Bagua?

First of all, both humans and trees are lovig organisms. Bagua represents eight directions and the eight directions symbolize infinity. When we walk Energy Bagua, we exchange our life energy with infinite Universal energy. This helps to restore health and balance. Secondly, as our energy grows, the tree grows too. There is a relationship of mutual benefit between the tree and us, and the tree becomes a good partner in self-cultivation.

  • When walking energy bagua, we look at the tree. What kind of visualization should we have?

When facing the tree, it’s important that we think “I love this tree.” Trees give us so much. In spring their bright green leaves and colorful flowers beautify our environment; in autumn they give us fruit and nuts that provide nutrition for our body; on hot summer days they lend us cool shade; during storms they shield us from wind and dust. Even after they’ve grown old or have died, they’re made into wares that serve us in daily life. Even when burnt to ashes, they bring warmth and light to people in need. Trees really are selfless and amazing.

We can greet the tree sincerely from our heart. We have nothing on our mind but the thought of respect, love and care for the tree. We feel gratitude toward it and we send it our blessings. “I grow with the tree, and the tree grows with me.” Bearing this in mind, we regard the tree as our good friend, communicate with it in our heart, and feel its acceptance of our friendship. In this moment, we feel “I am the tree and the tree is me.” We feel the tree’s calmness and peacefulness, elegance and grace, and It will seem as though its natural fragrance emanates from our own body.

  • With regard to walking Energy Bagua at home: The ceiling of the room is usually low. If a branch of the plant reaches the ceiling, can I trim it?

It’s normal to trim the tips of indoor plants when they grow too big. As long as you do it without any harmful intentions toward the plant, it’s fine. Every lifeform has its own way of living. I often trim young trees, and the more often I trim them, the prettier they look.

  • Will walking Energy Bagua hurt my knees?

Yes if you do it with the wrong posture. For instance, the toes point outward or overly inward, causing the knees to twist, or if too much force is placed on the knees and the knees are used to direct the legs forward, then the knees are placed under pressure and pain can result. Hence, it is important to relax your knees and put the body’s weight on the soles of your feet, and use the toes to grip the ground.

Therefore, you should walk in a relaxed state and don’t force yourself to bend your knees. Do it naturally according to your physical ability. Be sure to do your warm up exercises before starting the practice to reduce such cases as well.

  • Can we sit in meditation immediately after walking Energy Bagua?

After completing the Closing Exercises, one can immediately sit in meditation. Energy Bagua is not a strenuous exercise, it is rather relaxing. The nourishment process has already calmed down our breathing, pulse, body and mind, leaving us feeling deeply peaceful. So, if we follow this with sitting in meditation, or practising The Meditative of Greater Illumination, we will feel wonderful sensations.

  • How long does it usually take to feel results?

Usually after practising Energy Bagua for a month, or even just a few days for some, one can start to feel positive results. However, there is no such thing as a “cure-all”. If you want to be healthy, you will need to take self-cultivation seriously. You should practice one hour each day for at least one hundred and eight days to build a good foundation. After that, if you can continue to practice every day, then in a few years there will be obvious positive results with your health.

  • How long should I walk Energy Bagua each time?

Generally speaking, it’s best to walk for one hour in accordance with the Energy Bagua Daily Practice Guide CD. However, if it’s difficult for you to find an hour for practice, you can split the session into thirty minutes in the morning and another thirty minutes in the evening. If you only practice fifteen minutes each time, it won’t be enough to bring about a lot of positive results. Thus, I suggest practicing at least half an hour each time.

  • Is it better to walk Energy Bagua along with others?

For beginners, walking in a group under the guidance of a qualified Energy Bagua teacher will facilitate more progress than walking alone as the energy field is stronger in a group. Group members encourage each other, which also helps you persist in long-term practice.

  • Is it okay to walk Energy Bagua when there is thunder and lightning?

Most people feel uneasy during a thunderstorm, so don’t walk Energy Bagua in these conditions. In fact, do not do anything related to self-cultivation in such weather. However, we can walk Energy Bagua in the rain. Rain is good for the body. If your constitution isn’t weak, you don’t need to avoid the rain. Self-cultivation is about cultivating our body and mind, including our willpower and perseverance. So, when it drizzles, we can practice in the drizzle. If it’s quick storm, we can wait until it passes before continuing our practice. After practicing in the rain, we need to quickly change into dry clothes to avoid catching a cold.

  • What benefits can Energy Bagua bring to children and young people?

It helps them to build a focused mind since children and young people are easily distracted.

  • Can women walk Energy Bagua during their menstrual period?

Yes, they can.

  • Can pregnant women walk Energy Bagua?

Yes. I think it’s good for the fetus. However, it still advisable for you to check with your doctor first. Then decide to what extend they want to walk.

  • I have just started to walk Energy Bagua. What should I be aware of to achieve better results?

The correct posture: The correct posture can prevent injury and enhance positive results.

Visualization; Follow the guidance on visualization and receive incredible benefits.

Familiarity with the reminders: Following the Energy Bagua Daily Practice Guide will help us to better concentrate the qi.

Keep simple thoughts: We walk Energy Bagua with a grateful heart; the purer the mind, the more sensitive we are to intuition.

Choose a suitable Energy Bagua tree: Try to choose a tree with a straight trunk that is healthy and flourishing; do not choose weak, old or poisonous tree.

Persistence: “Walk Energy Bagua every day and live to ninety-nine” – persistence is the key.



Editor at Yeo International