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Ever heard about people gaining clarity and elevating their lives through the simple practice of breath meditation? Discover how you can do the same for yourself.
Last Updated: 19 Aug 2022

My journey into the world of breath meditation started in July 2013 when I was looking for a way to experience meditation.  

I read many books and discovered that a lot of successful people practise some form of meditation daily. Therefore, I had these 2 questions in mind, “Why do they meditate? and What are the benefits of meditation?” 

That is when I started to explore meditation and came across this meetup group called Singapore Breath Meditation Group hosted by Gladys and Thomas. I have personally met the 2 organisers.  

They are very caring people with a genuine heart to spread the practice of breath meditation which was passed down by their masters from India several years ago for free.  

In fact, I am impressed by their noble vision, “When the world meditates, we will achieve world peace.” That resonated with my vision of globally inspiring people to lead optimal lives with this website.  

I felt that breath meditation could be used as a means to help a person have a better understanding of their feelings to achieve a greater awareness of who they are to unlock the inner genius within them. 

I am very thankful to Gladys and Thomas for introducing this simple yet powerful form of meditation which has transformed my life in many ways. There’s a saying, “When the student is ready, the teacher appears.” This holds true for me. 😊 

Therefore, if you are reading this article for the first time, I invite you to discover the world of breath meditation and its benefits for yourself. I will provide details on where you can experience at the later part of this article. 

First Encounter

My first encounter with Gladys was in mid July 2013 when she hosted a breath meditation session at a kind member’s home. When I entered the home, I was surprised to find a lot of people, about 10 of us from different backgrounds and age.  

The session was held in a quiet room with all of us seated. Some of us needed a cushion to sit on to provide better support for their back, while others sat on the ground. There was an elderly lady who sat on the chair as she had difficulty keeping her legs crossed while sitting on the floor. That’s when I understood that the style of meditation can be catered to your specific needs. 

With the lights off, I heard Gladys guiding us through the relaxation process with words and the use of 4 sound tracks which were given by their masters from India to allow us to enter the meditative state faster.  

The entire experience lasted for an hour and I thoroughly enjoyed it although I perspired quite a bit. According to Gladys, the perspiration was a release of energy from the body to the surrounding which was good.  

I felt that my mind was clearer after the session. I had a greater awareness of what was happening around me when I boarded the MRT home. More importantly, I was more at peace with myself.  

Once I reached home, I was advised to go for a warm bath which I did. That helped me to sleep very soundly and wake up feeling very refreshed the next day. That’s when I decided to make it a daily part of my life. 

The 3 Laws of Breath Meditation

There are 3 laws of breath meditation which the organisers will explain at the start of every session. 

Law 1 – When I am with my breath, the mind becomes silent

In very fast-pace Singapore, when I close my eyes, there are so many thoughts in my mind and I wonder how do I process these thoughts? Breath meditation is a process where you can slow down these thoughts so that you can notice them one by one.

Law 2 – When the mind is silent, energy will come down from the universe and enter our body through the Crown chakra

Since you will be receiving energy from the universe, it is possible that some of us may feel heavy headedness, sleepy and might even have our head touch the ground. If it happens, it’s fine. If it doesn’t happen, it’s also fine. 😊 

The posture of crossing our legs and clasping our hands is very important for the 3rd law of breath meditation.

Law 3 – When the energy coming down from the universe equalises with the energy circulating in our body, you can access higher consciousness.

This depends on how you perceive information. Some of us are primarily more visual, we may see images or colours with our eyes closed. Some of us who are more auditory may hear sounds that we don’t normally hear. If it happens, simply notice it and come back to your breathing. If it doesn’t happen, it is also fine. 😊

How to begin

Every day is different, every moment is different. Therefore, you are encouraged to leave the previous meditation experiences that you have aside to experience this whole meditation anew every time.

1. Find a quiet spot in your home where you will not be disturbed.
2. Sit down in a cross-legged position with the hands clasped together and placed on your lap.
3. Play the music track.
There are 4 music tracks.
Start with the 1st track first.
4. Lighten up.
5. Close your eyes.
6. Breathe naturally through your nostrils.
7. Focus on your breath.

Key things to take note

Wear an attire that’s comfortable for you. 

It is normal to have a lot of thoughts. Simply acknowledge them and let them flow past your mind.  

There should be no visualization or mantra during the session. 

What do others have to say

gathering spot

"A bit too long for me. My legs got numb. The breeze was nice. The birds chirping was nice. At first the music calms me down. Without the music, at the beginning it was still, later on I become more aware of the surrounding. However, I can’t really focus on my breathing that much without the music."


"Because it is not my first time doing it, I felt reconnected to it and I felt so at home."



Is it ok to fall asleep during meditation?
Falling asleep during meditation is a feedback from your body that it requires rest. Therefore, it is fine if that happens. In fact, meditative sleep is known to be more restorative than traditional sleep which involves lying on the bed.
Can I meditate with my eyes opened?
It is better to close your eyes during meditation since it is said that 80% of the energy from the universe leave through your eyes. Hence, you are only retaining 20% of the energy from the universe if you keep your eyes opened during the process.
What is the attire for meditation?
Something that is comfortable and not restrictive of your body movement.
Do I need to listen to the sound tracks?
Yes and no. It is recommended for you to listen to the sound track to help your mind enter the meditative state faster. Once you have practised long enough, you will be able to do it without the sound tracks.
Why do I see colours?
It means that you are more visually inclined. There are people who smell scents from the environment that they may not have smelt before. Some may hear sounds that they have not heard before. Some people may perspire like what I did for the 1st time.

Colours Defined

1. Blue - Love
2. Green - Healing
3. Purple - Wisdom
4. White - Ready to Lead the Current Generation
5. Yellow - Creativity
How long do I need to meditate?
According to your age.

E.g. If you are 30 years old, meditate for 30 minutes. As we grow older, our life experiences are richer, and we may have soaked up more negative energy which needs to be released to the environment. Hence, the longer time.
What is the best time to meditate?
It is based on your preference.

Most people do it first thing in the morning before breakfast as it helps to prepare their mind to kick-start the day.

Other practice it in the afternoon to relieve stress from the workplace while some practise at night to calm themselves for a more restful sleep.

Therefore, you need to experiment to find out what suits you the best.
Where is the best spot for meditation?
A quiet place in your home where you will not be disturbed during the meditation. It is recommended to do your meditation at the same spot in your home since it helps to elevate the energy fields of that particular spot.

For those who are near nature, it is preferred for you to do it outdoors where you can receive energy from mother nature. Personally, I like to go for the monthly meetup sessions at Botanic Gardens.
Is it better to meditate on my own or in a group?
It is better to meditate in a group since the group's energy level can help to elevate your energy level to a higher plane. In fact, you may feel better and calmer in a group setting especially when you are starting out for the first time.
Why do I feel numbness in my body?
It is normal to experience numbness or other sensations in our body when we are practicing breath meditation.

It is a sign that your body is releasing unwanted energy that has built up in your body to the universe.

It could also be that our mind is playing tricks on us.

Simply acknowledge the sensations and divert your attention back to your breathing.
What should I do if I feel numbness?
It is normal to experience numbness while sitting in a cross legged position.

If the numbness is unbearable, consider straightening your legs while keeping your ankles crossed and hands clasped together. This ensures that the energy from the universe continues to flow within your body.
I feel numbness in one side of my leg. What should I do?
Try imagining the energy flowing from the opposite leg to the affected part of the other leg that is experiencing the numbness to soothe the numbness.
I would like to meditate in silence. How do I know when I should end my meditation?
Refrain from using an alarm clock to notify you when you should end your meditation session.

Simply look at your watch/phone, put it aside and start meditating.

Your body will tell you when it is enough and you will naturally end your session.

*Listen to your body😊
I find it uncomfortable to sit up straight. What should I do?
Put a cushion under your buttocks to sit in a slightly propped position.

Alternatively, you can lean your back against a wall to stay upright while meditating.
I started to experience different shades of blue with white while meditating. What does this mean?
You are evolving as a person to keep up with the ever evolving world and mother nature. This is a good sign. 😊
My body starts swaying when I am meditating, is it normal?
As your body is receiving energy from the universe, the energy flow in your body is trying to adjust and equalise with the energy flowing from the universe.

Therefore, it is normal.
Why do I feel warm or a tingling sensation in my head?
Your body is trying to release energy that do not belong to you back to the environment.
Why do I need to rub my palms and place them over my eyes at the end of the session?
This is to return the energy that is circulating back to your body.
I find it very unbearable to keep my legs crossed or sit on the floor. What should I do?
Sit on a chair with a back rest. Keep your legs straight and crossed at the ankles and place your clasped hands on your lap while meditating.
Can I move my legs or hands while meditating if I feel discomfort?
It is okay for you to wriggle your toes and fingers while meditating.

However, you should never unclasp your hands or keep your legs straight as it will break the flow of energy circulating in your body.

If you feel numbness in your legs, you can straighten your legs but keep them crossed at the ankles.
Where can I experience it for myself?
You can join their meetup group here: https://www.meetup.com/breathmeditation/

It's free. 😊

Do you live in Singapore?

Feel free to get in touch with me using my contact form. We can go together for the monthly sessions on Sundays.

See you soon!
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